Politics, Strange Bedfellows, Vol. 1

I am loathe to defend Tomi Lahren for a multitude of reasons but here we are, politics, strange bedfellows etc.

Lahren has hosted a nightly show on Glenn Beck’s The Blaze TV network for a few years, and has made quite a name for herself since Trump has risen to prominence for things like her incendiary rant about Colin Kaepernick and tweets like “Meet the new KKK, they call themselves ‘Black Lives Matter’ but make no mistake their goals are fall from equality” (a direct quote related to the murder of two Dallas police officers). I disagreed with the basis of her rant about Kaepernick and I strongly disagree with her comparison of BLM to the KKK, as the two could not be more different. Broadly speaking, I don’t align with Lahren’s beliefs and believe her schtick is an outgrowth of the continued coarsening of American political discourse.

So why do I feel compelled to defend her?

Well, it’s because she has been suspended from her position, apparently as a direct consequence of saying she is pro-choice in the classic sense of the term: meaning not that she supports wholesale abortion for all but rather that she sees it as ideologically consistent to ask the government to stay out of someone’s decisions about an abortion if you’re also going to ask the government to stay out of decisions about firearms ownership and other matters of personal choice. In short, if you are a conservative and for limited government, to Lahren’s mind you should be pro-choice (even if you are not, as I said, out on the corner hawking abortions).

Now, obviously there is a debate to be had about when life begins etc. and that’s not what I’m here to litigate. I’m here to simply say that her getting suspended for an ideologically consistent position is absolutely preposterous, and Glenn Beck calling her intellectually dishonest on Twitter is the height of hypocrisy. It is good for media outlets to have a diversity of views among reporters and commentators, as it spurs lively debate and keeps everyone involved intellectually honest. This tenet should hold especially true on the right, which constantly castigates the left for group-think and shouting down of non-conformists.

Beck’s censure of Lahren accomplishes the very thing for which he has criticized liberals for years, and he deserves to be roundly condemned for it.

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